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What We Do?

Swedish Massage

R550/ session

Full Body Swedish Massage is massage techniques to help the body relax, help with sore and tense muscles, improves circulation and have an overall feeling of wellness and balance. Includes Balinese Scalp Massage PLEASE NOTE DUE TO COVID 19 Balinese Scalp will be excluded from treatment

Remedial Sports Massage

R400/ session

Deep tissue massage with Remedial Sports Massage techniques to treat knots, soft tissue adhesions, cramping and flexibility problems on the muscular system. An client consultation and postural assessment will be done to ensure that the muscular system is working in unity as well as addressing problem, injured or sore muscles During a Remedial Sports massage session techniques as soft tissue release, neuromuscular techniques and stretching will be done. Please note that this is not a full body treatment

Remedial Sports Massage (Monthly Packages)

Once a week.
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A three month continuous contract which allows you to come for a session once a week. (weekdays only) and are paid upfront for the month. Sessions are usually pre-booked on a set time and day.

Bamboo Sports Massage

R400/ session

Remedial Sports Massage with bamboo sticks, these amazing tools will help to elongate and iron out tense and knotted muscle with great ease and efficiency. With this massage, the therapist will do an consultation with the client to be able to help the client effectively. Also incorporating Remedial Massage techniques to help the client with any worries, concerns or just to loosen up before an event, race or for everyday life. Please note this is not a full body massage treatment


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